The Legacy of Scripture in the Latino(a) Protestant Church in America

“If we don’t tell our stories, then who will?” Who Will Tell Our Stories? When we don’t know the past, we tend to make assumptions that don’t historically line up with the facts. I’ve been guilty of this kind of thinking as it pertains to my heritage—the story of the Latino(a) Protestant church in the Read More

Report: So-Called Christians Have Sense of Humor

The Babylon Bee lampoons evangelical culture and teaches us to lighten up, already. I don’t know why, but Protestant evangelicals have had a hard time with humor, whether creating or enjoying it. Maybe it’s ancillary to us abandoning the arts. Late night TV is owned by practicing Catholics Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. No one Read More

Moral Failings in the Church: How Can Women and Victims Respond?

Be the change you want to see in the church. It’s been a rough year and a half for the church in America. Over the past months #metoo and #churchtoo has entered our common vernacular as we watch one leader after another fall. For many, this has come as a shock. But if we look Read More

Southern Baptist Women Launch Petition Against Paige Patterson

Controversy over past remarks leads Southwestern Seminary to announce special board meeting. A growing group of Southern Baptist women called for Paige Patterson to be removed as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) on Sunday, due to what they claimed was his “unbiblical view of authority, womanhood, and sexuality.” Patterson, one of the most Read More

‘These Bombs Led Me to Christ’

The “Napalm Girl” from a famous Vietnam War photo tells her story of coming to faith. You have seen my picture a thousand times. It’s a picture that made the world gasp—a picture that defined my life. I am nine years old, running along a puddled roadway in front of an expressionless soldier, arms outstretched, Read More

Responding to Moral Failure in Church Leaders

Christians and church leaders must listen, address real issues, take action, and bring judgment. The most recent rash of moral failures, accusations, and heartbreak over sin and human frailty is upon us. Ed Stetzer shared some very helpful reflections on this topic recently. Every time this topic hits the church (and world), I find myself Read More

Taking the Measure of Trump Country

A writer and a scholar attempt sympathetic portrayals of the president’s rural supporters, but their sympathy only extends so far. The torrent of words brought forth by the election of Donald Trump has turned modern political discourse into a daily obstacle course, dizzying in its movement from one news cycle to the next. Setting aside Read More

How History’s Revivals Teach Us to Pray

The case for communing with God in a daring and agonizing way. From 1949 to 1952, the unthinkable unfolded on Scottish islands known as the Hebrides: revival! Seemingly out of nowhere, a spiritual awakening swept across the islands of Lewis and Harris, replacing post–World War II despair and depression with earnest, zealous faith. Some historians Read More

One-on-One with Adam Ford on ‘How to Be a Perfect Christian’

The idea behind the book is to use satire to magnify aspects of Christian living in order to get a better look at them. Ed: Why did you decide to write a Babylon Bee book? Adam: We knew a book was a natural extension of what we were doing. I had our head writer Kyle Read More

Violence Against Women Begins in the Womb

Why female feticide threatens the social order. Sabu George, a Delhi-based researcher, has spent the past quarter-century exposing what he calls “the worst kind of violence” in Indian history—the elimination of millions of unborn girls. He regards it as nothing less than genocide and describes the first few months in the womb as “the riskiest Read More

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