Stop Apologizing for Apologetics

But it might be time for it to grow up. In an episode of the second season of the Netflix series Stranger Things, the four junior-high heroes of the hit series dress up as characters from Ghostbusters for Halloween. In their ghost-fighting jumpsuits with blasting packs on their back, they quickly realize they have, quite Read More

Families Who Cross the Border Together Won’t Stay Together

Christian immigration advocates critique a new policy that separates children from asylum-seeking parents from Central America. Family unity is among the biggest factors for American evangelicals advocating for immigration reform; it comes up in almost every statement, prayer, and open letter rallying believers around the cause. And it continues to prove a major concern, as Read More

One-on-One with Lon Allison on Billy Graham and Cancer

Together we can reach the world. One-on-One with Lon Allison on Billy Graham and Cancer Ed: Not too long ago you were diagnosed with an aggressive liver cancer and have been receiving treatment. How has this impacted your faith and the way you view God? Lon: I really didn’t know how my faith would be Read More

Carrying On After Jesus Is ‘Gone’

Jesus’ Ascension seems to happen at a rather inopportune time. For those following a liturgical church calendar, Pentecost is generally viewed as the climactic moment of Eastertide. In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit came with stunning fanfare on the little band of believers huddled down praying in that Upper Room. The commotion drew the attention Read More

Abounding Love: My Life with Chronic Illness

A decade of deep suffering has led me to ask a lot of hard questions. I can recall hearing the words “chronic illness” being spoken from a stage twice in my lifetime. Once was during a worship service during my orientation to Wheaton College in 2016. The other was also at Wheaton College, this time Read More

God Understands Hard, Thankless Parenting

Mother’s Day is difficult for many. But Scripture portrays a Father who knows our plight. Come Monday morning, restaurants will recoup from their most lucrative day of the year. Florists will sweep away the wilted and bruised blooms that weren’t pretty enough to get picked. Drugstores will clear away the pastel riot of picked-over Mother’s Read More

Definitely Keep Insulting Your Kids With Sarcasm. Great Idea.

A godly tongue speaks humor that heals, not hurts. I grew up in a very funny family—not the kind of funny that sends you to therapy, but the kind that is its own form of therapy. My Irish relatives knew how to lighten even the hardest days with well-timed ironic humor. Some of my funniest Read More

North Korea Frees American Christians

President Trump announced that the three prisoners have been released prior to his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un. Three Korean American evangelicals held as prisoners in North Korea for at least a year are now on their way home, President Donald Trump announced in a tweet this morning. “I am pleased to inform you that Read More

Junk for Jesus

Scripture invites us to give our firstfruits, not our fourthfruits. A few years ago, a copier was donated to our church. I can imagine the process that brought it to us: Another congregation, frustrated with its finicky copier, wanted to buy a new one but felt guilty about junking something that still worked. So they Read More

The Ministry of the Disabled

How Christians with intellectual disabilities are serving churches (not just being served by them). “I can’t wait to see what kind of ministry she will have,” our friend said a few weeks after our daughter Penny was born. His words surprised me. Penny was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Her diagnosis swept away one Read More

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