Canada’s Supreme Court Rejects Country’s Only Christian Law School

Trinity Western University’s loss over its LGBT stance is seen as a blow to religious freedom. Trinity Western University has lost a years-long legal fight to launch what would be the only Christian law school in Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada considered a pair of appeals cases involving regional law societies that refused to Read More

Earn a Global Leadership Certificate and More in Partnership with Wheaton College and the Global Leadership Summit

Whether you are a business leader, a community leader, a pastor, or a parent who wants to lead your family well, there is a place for you in the partnership between The Global Leadership Summit and Wheaton College. I truly believe that each of us, working together, can use our leadership influence to transform the Read More

10 New or Lesser-Known Female Theologians Worth Knowing

More and more evangelical women are pursuing higher education in theology. Here are a few you haven’t heard of yet. This spring, InterVarsity Press launched the #ReadWomen project. We’d like to contribute to the discussion by introducing you to 10 female theologians on our radar. The obvious question, of course, is how we identified our Read More

World Refugee Day 2018: ‘Welcoming the Stranger’ Meets ‘Zero Tolerance’

Christians pray for asylum seekers and defend family unity amid US policy changes. While the United States continues its “zero tolerance” crackdown on asylum seekers crossing the border, churches across the country and around the world are rallying to support millions displaced by the global refugee crisis. This week, the Trump administration pulled protections for Read More

What Are Christian Apologetics, and How Do They Relate to the Gospel Anyways?

The greatest apologetic for faith is embedded in the gospel message itself. Many Christians talk about Christian apologetics. Indeed, the topic is very interesting for Christians on many levels as we seek to gain confidence and assurance for our own faith. And, of course, apologetics also has great value for us as we seek to Read More

Cover Story: Mending Men’s Ministry

How to disciple in an era of male floundering. The mid-1990s were a pretty great time to be a Christian man. The televangelist scandals of the ’80s were in the past. Today’s megachurch scandals and #MeToo hashtags were far in the future. Instead, Christian men were making headlines for getting together en masse to pursue Read More

The Five R’s of Gospel-Centered Church Revitalization, Part 1

We must never take our eyes off the need for church revitalization. What does it mean to revitalize a church in a way that that is gospel centered? Let me share the five R’s of revitalization: reframing grace, realigning mission, recasting vision, remembering the journey, and renewing all things. Today, we will look at the Read More

How Female Missionaries and Evangelists Paved the Way for #MeToo

As we look to the future of women, the past offers a map. As a missiologist, I read the #MeToo movement through the lens of world history. When I scroll through news stories about sexual violence and abuse against women, and as I listen to my students and friends speak about their experiences of harassment Read More

J. D. Greear Transformed His Church Through Missions. Can He Do the Same for the Southern Baptist Convention?

The SBC presidential candidate wants to rejuvenate his denomination through missions. J. D. Greear falls somewhere between two of his heroes, Martin Luther and Nicolas Cage. The North Carolina pastor strives for the famous reformer’s gospel convictions and allegiance to Scripture, as expected for a missions-minded Southern Baptist. It’s much more unusual to hear a Read More

‘Vicar of Baghdad’ Cleared of Paying ISIS to Redeem Yazidi Sex Slaves

Case of Andrew White exposes hazards of charity work in a war zone. Andrew White, best known as the former vicar of Baghdad, Iraq, has been cleared of criminal charges for allegedly paying Islamic State terrorists to redeem Yazidi sex slaves. “For one year I have been under police investigation in response to a serious Read More

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