Day: September 18, 2018

What Happens When You Love a Racist

He was a budding white nationalist leader. His friends thought he could be something different. Growing up, I imagined I could easily spot the racists around me. They were the ones proudly displaying the Confederate flag across the back of their pickup trucks or blatantly disregarding other people based on the color of their skin. Read More

The #MeToo Movement Has Educated Pastors. And Left Them with More Questions.

More pastors say they are addressing these issues from the pulpit. Still, half say they lack training in how to address sexual and domestic violence. In recent months, churches have been rocked by high-profile accusations of sexual misconduct among clergy. While the Catholic church’s continued abuse scandal has dominated the headlines, Protestant churches have also Read More

How Mothers (and Others) Minister in Disrupted Spaces

Christ’s kingdom work involved detours. Can we follow his model? For many parents, the advent of the school year brings with it a familiar and difficult dynamic: cycles of interruptions. As mothers, in particular, we learn to be flexible with our plans and structure our days to bend to our kids’ needs. Nonetheless, as Michelle Read More

How Faith Changes Campus Sex Assaults

Cultures of restraint fare better than cultures of mere consent, research shows. When college freshmen step on campus for the first day of school, they will be entering what experts consider the riskiest period for sexual assault, spanning from the start of the semester to Thanksgiving break. One Christian college graduate remembers her first weeks Read More

Can You Hear Me Now?

In an age when most are rushing to have their say, Christians can love by giving others a hearing. I remember having a discussion around faith matters years ago with an intelligent person. I met him at an event I was attending with a few friends. On one particular evening, we all decided to have Read More

The Myth of Missionary Neutrality

Everything we do either propels God’s mission forward or hinders the embodiment of his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Cars rarely operate in neutral, but churches do all the time. Maybe this is because neutral is the normative posture of those who make up the church. It’s common to hear people speak Read More