Month: April 2018

You Have Searched Me, Oh Apple Face ID, and You Know Me

AI may be familiar with all our ways, but God created our face for much more. I love my wife’s elbows. And my kids’ little toes. But when I have been away on travel for a week and return home, it is not their elbows and toes that makes me feel at home. It is Read More

50 Years After MLK, Sunday Segregation Isn’t Theological

According to sociology’s top survey, black and white evangelicals have more in common than politics conveys. One of Martin Luther King Jr.’s most enduring statements regarding the church was his observation that “the most segregated hour of the week” was 11 a.m. on Sunday. King’s commentary on how the modern church had failed to racially Read More

Interview: Visit Those in Prison. Just Remember Jesus May Have Gotten There First.

Very often, people behind bars already have a relationship with God. Two centuries ago, philanthropist Elizabeth Fry visited an English prison and left horrified by the filthy conditions. Driven by her Christian faith, Fry spent her life building relationships with the incarcerated and advocating improvements to their physical environment. Dominique Gilliard, the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Read More

God in Suffering: Our Response to Too Many School Shootings

God hasn’t left our students or abandoned our nation’s education system The March for Our Lives—a student led effort to speak out against school shootings—took place in Washington D.C. on Saturday, March 24th. Hundreds of thousands of passionate protesters gathered in our nation’s Capitol to advocate for policy changes in support of an end to Read More

Meet the First Female Evangelical Presidential Candidate of Colombia

Viviane Morales explains why truth and repentance will heal the scarred South American nation more than prison sentences for FARC rebels. Why does Viviane Morales, Colombia’s first-ever evangelical presidential candidate, want to lead one of South America’s most troubled countries? It’s more than the chance to become the first female president of the mountainous Andean Read More

How Billy Graham Killed Communism with Kindness

Graham preached behind the Iron Curtain, driving his critics crazy. The Billy Graham of the 1950s reflected the political mood of the United States of that era. His visceral anticommunism expressed itself during the Greater Los Angeles crusade of 1949 in his assessment of the looming Soviet threat. “Sleek Russian bombers,” he said, were poised Read More

Conservative Christian Singer Loses Costa Rica Presidential Race

Unlikely finalist Fabricio Alvarado is latest example that evangelicals are a growing political force in Catholic Latin America. A contemporary Christian singer will not be Costa Rica’s next president. Evangelist, performer, and former CBN Spanish news host Fabricio Alvarado Muñoz decisively lost Sunday’s presidential runoff to former minister, Carlos Alvarado Quesada. who received 61 percent Read More

Turkey’s Churches, Famous for Historic Schism, Finally Agree on Doctrine

Joint book project by Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants follows efforts to present accurate information about Christianity in Muslim-majority country. A joint commission of Turkey’s major Christian denominations has published a historic book of concise Christian doctrine, receiving the unprecedented endorsement of all the nation’s Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian, Syriac, and Protestant churches. According to Armenian Bishop Read More

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