Day: April 10, 2018

Is the Body That ‘Betrayed’ Me Still ‘Very Good’?

What the incarnation affirms about the reality of God’s creation. I tend to sympathize with the Gnostics most in the morning. It’s currently common to deride these early heretics for despising our physicality and rejecting the goodness of creation. But when I wake up and tenderly place my feet on the ground, breathing slowly as Read More

One-on-One with Eric Geiger: Why Are Leaders Ruining Their Lives?

A timely book as leaders are stepping away from their roles due to moral failure or accusations of moral failure. Ed: You recently wrote a book about people ruining their lives, and you called it an implosion. Why did you use that term? Eric: Demolition experts can take a building down two ways: they can Read More

Engaging Culture Well: How to Share Your Faith Critically and Contextually Today

How to speak truth and trust God to change hearts and minds. In every time period and historical context during which it has been shared, the gospel has confronted culture in one way or another. During the years of Christ’s ministry, it challenged the mistreatment of the poor. During the Reformation, it drove Martin Luther Read More