Day: April 6, 2018

Level Ground at the Cross

Billy Graham drew people together his whole life. In a segregated South, he wrestled with what that should mean. Among Billy Graham’s greatest contributions to evangelicalism was the way he defused prejudice to bring people together. Perhaps more than any other high-profile American figure in the 20th century, Graham challenged Christians to look beyond worldly Read More

One-on-One with Michael Moynagh on “Church in Life”

Finding simple ways to follow Jesus alongside other Christians. Ed: Why a book on Church in Life? Michael: We hear much today about disciples making disciples and about Christians living out their faith in everyday life. But gather-and-scatter church makes this difficult. We gather for worship and scatter as individuals for the rest of the Read More

Marilynne Robinson’s Celebration of Humanity Is Brilliant but Incomplete

Insights from some of her heroes, like John Calvin and the Puritans, would help round out the picture. Marilynne Robinson is in awe of humanity. “Properly speaking, we are the stuff of myth,” she enthuses in her fourth essay collection, What Are We Doing Here? Open the book to almost any page, and your eye Read More