Day: March 7, 2018

Evangelicalism Is Far Deeper, Wider, and Greater Than the Foibles of the Moment

An excerpt from ‘Still Evangelical?’ Editor’s note: This excerpt is taken from Karen Swallow Prior’s chapter, “Why I Am an Evangelical.” I came to Christian faith at a very young age and never wavered in my faith or in my trust in Jesus as my Savior. Sadly, the message from my evangelical tradition was that Read More

Jane the Uber Driver, and How God Uses Ordinary Events for Extraordinary Purposes

I recently had a good conversation with an Uber driver who is using her platform to share Jesus with others. Ed: How did you get into Uber driving? Jane: I got into Uber driving because my kids encouraged me to pick up a temporary job to make a little extra money as I am in Read More

Research: Feeling Loved by God Buffers Body Esteem in Men—But Not Women

Two psychologists at Hope College respond to Christian young adults who struggle with body satisfaction. Throughout history, women’s bodies portrayed in the media of the day— from billboard ads to TV screens to mobile phones—have influenced what we think about our identities. According to Mary Inman, a psychologist at Hope College, the early 1970s marked Read More