Day: March 6, 2018

America’s Surrogacy Bump: Is Fertility a Blessing to Be Shared?

Pro-life carriers and Christian bioethicists navigate the patchy landscape for assisted reproduction. Following months of infertility treatments, Meg Watwood cried in joy when her first ultrasound revealed healthy twin babies. At the doctor’s office three years later, when a scan showed she was pregnant with twins again, there was another mom in the room celebrating. Read More

Pew: Pope Francis ‘Effect’ Has Failed Among US Christians

The Pope remains popular, but hasn’t inspired people to join his church—or even roused Catholics to go to Mass more often. The “Francis effect”—a phrase used to describe the presumed positive impact of Pope Francis upon Catholicism—has been used so often that it has inspired a book, a podcast, and a documentary. But it hasn’t Read More

Hero Making: The Story of One Man Who Invested in Billy Graham, Changing the Course of His Ministry

All of us can and should look for people to invest our time, efforts, and energy in. Many people have been talking about Rev. Billy Graham since his passing on February 21, 2018, and appropriately so. Having attended his funeral and hosted the radio coverage on many networks, I spent much time brushing up on Read More