Month: February 2018

Getting Small Churches on Mission (Part 4)

More ways small churches can serve their communities 8. Small churches could develop a jail ministry. Local and county jails almost always appreciate any attempt to lower recidivism and the evangelism and discipleship of inmates is a proven way to lower repeat offenses. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world with Read More

Here’s How America Is Praising Its Best-Known Preacher: Billy Graham

The late, great evangelist is garnering countless tributes after his death at 99. The world hasn’t seen anyone quite like Billy Graham. Americans remembered the significance and scope of Graham’s groundbreaking ministry in tributes and tweets for hours after his death Wednesday morning at age 99. In addition to familiar nicknames like “America’s pastor,” leaders Read More

The Radical Christian Faith of Frederick Douglass

The great abolitionist spoke words of rebuke—and hope—to a slaveholding society. As Frederick Douglass looked out on the boisterous crowd that had gathered to celebrate America’s independence, he thought of Psalm 137. By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion. There on the poplars we hung our harps, for there Read More

Our Blood Exposes Our Physical—and Spiritual—Health

When we are sick and need to know what can make us whole again, there is no other fount we know. In the time it takes to read this sentence, your body will produce 17 million blood cells deep in its marrow. To put that in context, that’s as many cells as twice the population Read More

Where Protestants and Catholics Go When They Leave Their Churches

Research shows 1 in 6 US Christians changed their religious affiliation over a four-year span, with nondenominational worshipers leading the way. Much of the switching in religious identity in the United States over the past several years occurred among the “nones,” specifically Americans who identify as agnostic or as “nothing in particular.” But the Christian Read More

Make American Politics Hopeful Again

How the call to “carry one another’s burdens” breaks down partisan stalemates. In our increasingly polarized nation, elections are not just perceived to determine the direction of our nation’s policies but as a declaration of who is included and who is excluded. We cannot have a nation where half of the country wakes up the Read More

Words of Wisdom for Those Graduating High School and Beyond

God has a plan. He will pursue you. He will use you mightily—just trust him. Recently, McLean Presbyterian church in Virginia tweeted a question out to several evangelical leaders in preparation for an upcoming weekend youth retreat. Their request: words of wisdom to share with seniors in high school as they prepare to navigate the Read More

Rural Fish Bowl

Pastor Dad needs to be just Dad. Growing up in a rural town, I came to understand the lack of privacy just by picking up the local newspaper. Our local gossip column was called “Out and About.” It kept everyone in the loop of how many ladies made it to bridge club that week and Read More

Why the US Thinks Restricting International Adoptions Will Save Them

Experts debate State Department strategy to let the little children come less. Last fall, America’s only active accreditor of international adoption agencies quit. The Council on Accreditation (COA) protested that the US State Department was requiring “significant changes” that would likely reduce the already record-low number of intercountry adoptions, put small adoption providers out of Read More

Church-Based Academic Partnerships—How the Church and the Academy Can Better Connect to Raise Up and Train

Students receive practical ministry training and a MA in Evangelism and Leadership. Ed Stetzer: Why bring the church and the academy together? Why is that important? Colin Smith: Study matters, but so does hands-on experience. So bringing what can best be learned in the classroom together with what can best be learned in the church Read More

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