Day: February 14, 2018

God’s Message on ‘Ash Valentine’s Day’: True Love Dies

When the first day of Lent falls on a romantic holiday, love and death meet up. Today, on Valentine’s Day, while the world is bedecked with schmaltzy red and pink hearts, I will stand before kneeling members of my congregation and tell them that they are going to die. This, without a doubt, is among Read More

Love & Marriage… Go Together Like… A Few Comments on the Covenantal Practice Today

Marriage is a created good, is not a ‘must,’ isn’t easy. Less than a year ago, an article was published in Huffington Post entitled “Is Marriage an Outdated Tradition?” As it seems, the authors answer is: yes. Sadly, many Americans would agree. According to a report issued by the Center for Disease Control in March Read More

Getting from ‘Hello’ to ‘I Do’ on a Christian College Campus

Evangelical students are dating with marriage in mind, but the road to the altar is anything but simple. Whether they had a ring by spring, never had a date, or were somewhere in between, alumni of Christian colleges and universities remember their experience of marriage culture on campus. This is likely true whether they graduated Read More