Day: February 13, 2018

Christian Unity in Ashes

Ash Wednesday is an opportunity for Christians from many traditions to come together and recognize our need for Jesus. E. C. is a Presbyterian. I am not. I know that he’d love to make me so. He fits Presbyterianism. He loves the arc of the liturgy, the commitment to ever put God’s grace and covenantal Read More

The Wise Leader: Navigating Ethical Storms

Former U.S. Attorney contributes to an ongoing series. As a young man, I had modest dreams. I wanted to go to law school and then practice law in a medium to large law firm in my beautiful home state of New Mexico. I had no inkling of what was to come. I had no political Read More

What’s So Unique about Christianity? A Short Apologetic [Gospel Life Podcast]

Start each week with this encouragement to show and share the love of Jesus. What’s So Unique about Christianity? A Short Apologetic Jerry Root, professor of evangelism at Wheaton College and director of the Evangelism Initiative at the Billy Graham Center, talks about the major world religions and what makes Christianity different. How can we Read More