Month: February 2018

Evangelicals Still Want to Evangelize Jews, But Not for the Same Reasons

Survey finds sharing the gospel with God’s “chosen people” is less tied to the end times. The overwhelming majority of evangelical believers in the US today still see the importance of sharing the gospel with the Jewish community. But they’re less likely to agree on the relationship between Jewish evangelism and the end times, which Read More

Preparing for Rev. Billy Graham’s Memorial Service, and Reflecting on His Love for Our Hurting World

Truly effective evangelism is a matter of friendship, mentorship, and unconditional love. Nearly a week after Rev. Billy Graham’s death, so many around our world are still mourning. Closed-casket viewings will take place in Graham’s childhood home on the grounds of the Billy Graham Library where the Billy Graham Association is expecting long lines and Read More

‘Queen Esther Inspired Me to Speak Up,’ Says Nassar Victim

A biblical role model prompted Larissa Boyce to stand against her abuser. Her church supports her story. Two decades before the public learned of Larry Nassar’s abuse against several hundred gymnasts, 16-year-old Larissa Boyce made the first attempt to report him. Her coach at Michigan State University (MSU), who was also a friend of Nassar, Read More

Why Gen Z’s Call for ‘Safe Spaces’ Is Good News for Churches

New expectations may shift youth group conversations, but Christ still provides the answer. One of the defining characteristics for today’s teens—who have grown up in a constantly connected, socially evolving world—is their desire for “safe spaces,” settings where they can expect inclusivity without fear of judgment. In recent weeks, in the wake of the latest Read More

Getting Small Churches on Mission (Part 3)

More ways small churches can serve their communities Small churches can adopt the same (or different) unengaged, unreached people groups currently living in the United States. In addition to overseas work, consider how you can share the gospel effectively and long-term with a people group in America. States like Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Iowa, Read More

We Need to Read Stories of People Who Were Enslaved

Six reasons why listening to these voices is worth your time. One day, a friend and I were shopping after brunch. We paused to look at a work of art where a woman was walking down a street with the eyes of every person in the painting fixed on her—some smirking, some laughing, some lustful, Read More

The Case for a No-Filter Prayer Life

Why we, as God’s friends, can speak to him freely. Sometimes I talk out loud when I’m sitting in the chair by my book table in the morning or when I’m driving alone in my car. If someone happens into the room, I feel a bit sheepish about these outward aspects of prayer. But I Read More

Unlike the Bible, ‘Living Biblically’ Plays It Safe

Despite the provocative concept, the CBS sitcom avoids offense as well as true humor. Can a rabbi, a priest, and a TV writer known for edgy comedies like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia make a network sitcom about the Bible that everyone will want to watch? That’s what CBS is betting with the new half-hour Read More

Can Multi-Site Work in a Rural Context?

Many churches have embraced a multi-site strategy with a lot of success. When people find out that I pastor a church in rural South Dakota that has four multi-site locations (in South Dakota, Illinois, and Jamaica) as well as an online, iCampus, they are often quite surprised. I have a feeling if I told them Read More

Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died

‘America’s pastor’ shaped modern evangelicalism. Billy Graham was perhaps the most significant religious figure of the 20th century, and the organizations and the movement he helped spawn continue to shape the 21st. During his life, Graham preached in person to more than 100 million people and to millions more via television, satellite, and film. Nearly Read More

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