Month: December 2017

Every Woman Wants a Role Model—Someone to Look Up To. Is Mary that Person?

We see in Mary what God wants from all of us: faithful obedience. Like most, I’ve spent a lifetime scanning through the pages of Scripture searching to find ‘my’ story: a biblical narrative I could write myself into. Any woman leafing through the pages of Scripture for a story to call her own will quickly Read More

Minimalism Isn’t the Key to Christmas

We need more than anti-consumerism for a healthy Christian holiday. Three years ago, my husband and I decided that we would no longer travel for Christmas. Our parents, all of them living in the Midwest, were devastated. When we’d moved to Toronto from Chicago, the terms were clear: If we were moving the grandchildren across Read More

One Does Not Simply Leave Evangelicalism

We agree: It’s a broken word describing broken people in a broken movement. It’s still Good News. Look, we get it. We’re frustrated, too. Have been for decades, but yes, it’s worse now. When pundits talk about “evangelicals,” they don’t mean what we mean. When pollsters count “evangelicals,” they usually don’t count how we count. Read More

Live First, Lead Second

Pastors have a significant impact on the evangelistic temperature of their church. This article originally appeared in Outreach Magazine. You can’t lead what you don’t live. As pastors and leaders, a good part of what we teach others should come straight from Scripture. We look to biblical models and mandates to be the launching point Read More

God Turns Up In All the Wrong Places at Christmas

It’s easy to miss how strange God’s ‘perfect timing’ is in the nativity story. Recently, at a Christian men’s breakfast that I wasn’t excited about attending, I was surprised to make an unlikely friend in an elderly man named John. At the age of seven, John had been evacuated on the Kindertransport program just before Read More

Big Families May Get Bigger Tax Bills Under New Plan

But evangelicals cheer higher child tax credit and preserved adoption credit. Projections indicate that the majority of married couples with zero, one, or two kids using the standard deduction under the new GOP tax plan will end up owing less each April. But what if you have three, five, or seven kids? Big families, including Read More

Not-So-White Evangelicalism: How Conservative Denominations Actually Fare Better on Diversity

Study examines multiethnic friendships and worship among American churchgoers. Hip-hop artist Lecrae’s decision this fall to leave “white evangelicalism” stirred up introspection among American Christians about race—and whether evangelicalism is reserved only for whites. While many evangelicals of color may feel tired of “begging to be noticed, considered, and invited,” they are having an impact, Read More

Advent Is a Season of Longing

What does the time spent anticipating Christmas have to do with the wilderness? People are rarely neutral about the approach of Christmastime. Some of us reside at a North Pole of intense anticipation and excitement, while others of us hole up at a South Pole of irritation and dread. Usually, I am at the north Read More

Multicultural Leadership: Friend or Foe?

If you’ve got the right people on your team, anything is possible. It was just one year ago when I came on as executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College. In that time, we’ve hired six new staff here. Three are from different racial and ethnic backgrounds than I am and an Read More

The Tears of Jesus When Pain Comes: A Reflection on Christmas, Cancer, and the Hope of Christ

Tomorrow may not be known to us, but it is known to the only one who matters, and that makes all the difference. As I get older, I see more people around me go through trials that bring them to their knees. Perhaps it’s always been the case and I wasn’t as aware of it. Read More

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