Month: December 2017

The Christian Leader’s Guide to Economics

The so-called “dismal science” is a powerful tool for wealth creation, but also for healing broken communities. I open my car door, sit down, and turn the key. Carefully balancing my coffee, I put my foot on the brake, shift into reverse, and gently press the gas pedal as I pull out of my driveway Read More

The Top 20 Christianity Today Articles of 2017

The theology beneath the Trump-Comey conflict, BSF rewrites the rulebook, and Benny Hinn’s nephew shares his testimony. Did you catch all of the most-read CT articles from 2017? Here’s a look back at what readers kept clicking this past year. Continue reading… Read More

CT’s 2017 Cover Stories, Ranked

Here are the Top 10 features that readers read most. Yes, we only publish 10 cover stories per year. But we’re proud of all of them! Here are CT’s 2017 print features, ranked in order of which ones our online readers read most. Continue reading… Read More

Interview: Matt Chandler Never Wanted a Big Church. How He Ended Up With Six.

Over the next five years, each Dallas-area location gets a Village of its own. Matt Chandler never wanted a big church. He envisioned himself leading a modest suburban congregation. But as the cliché proved true, God had other plans. Since Chandler became senior pastor of The Village Church in 2002, it has planted five churches Read More

One-on-One with Krish Kandiah on Stranger Grace and Stranger Danger

God is strange, unpredictable, and inscrutable Ed Stetzer: What do you mean when you say “God is stranger”? Krish Kandiah: Well, for a start, God is stranger than we give him credit for. The Bible is full of awkward parts where God behaves in unpredictable or strange ways—although mostly I think we tend to ignore Read More

Biblical Archaeology’s Top 10 Discoveries of 2017

A glimpse at the important excavation work revealed this year. Each year, on an almost daily basis, archaeological discoveries help us better understand the Bible and affirm its details about people, events, and culture. Below are the top excavation findings reported in 2017 which have increased our knowledge of the biblical world and the early Read More

Interview: Creating Worship Songs for a Welcoming Community

Isaac Wardell’s latest collaborative project, The Porter’s Gate, marks a change from Bifrost Arts. Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for he is going to say, “I came as a guest, and you received me.” And to all let due honor be shown, especially to the domestics of the faith and to Read More

Rhinos, Rabbits, and the Challenges of Multiplying a Church Planting Movement

Partnering together for the sake of the gospel It is unfortunate, but the White Rhino appears to be on a trajectory to extinction. And there’s little wonder why. Human and environmental factors aside, the rhino has a built-in malefactor that hinders their own proliferation—a gestation period of 16 to 18 months. It takes a year Read More

What Christmas Tells Us About the Person and Character of God

So the world will know that hope has come Today, we celebrate the coming of our Savior and King. Prophets foretold his birth for centuries and, finally, after years of waiting, Christ the Messiah came into the world. The wait for redemption is finally over. Christmas is a time to celebrate the fulfillment of longings. Read More

The Holy Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future

Our Christmas stories may be missing their most important character. Our Christmas cards, carols, and crèches delight in the characters of the Christmas story. In pageants, there are a lot of parts to go around: Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus; the angels, shepherds, and Magi; perhaps even Elizabeth and Zechariah, Simeon and Anna. But Read More

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